Being driven to the depths of my despair
I looked up only to see you there
Looking in I didn’t see
Anyone that even resembled me
Heart broke and eyes swell because I knew
That it should be me next to you
Passing by at a steady pace
You were going to that very place

That I so dearly miss
Amongst other things especially your kiss
The bond that sealed our souls
Two become one
Youngest daughter oldest son

Holding hands
Making plans
Sing a song
Keep moving along

I close my eyes to stare into yours
Looking deep
Seeing the love behind them
Engulfed by the warmth of the raging fire
I am you and you are me
Together may we always be

Hanging on to hope
But it is painful
The days and nights pass
But the love lasts
It doesn’t fade
Yesterdays memories
Carry me through

Open my eyes
Your tailights fading into the horizon
If we can dream it
We can do it
I’m sorry it took me so long
To understand and open myself to vulnerability
If you allow your eyes could see
It’s just me


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